Greenscreen Within Eevee Pro

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Greenscreen Within Eevee

allows you to greenscreening (and bluescreening, redscreening, purplescreening, etc) within material nodes.  It works with both Eevee and Cycles.  This means you can have a video on a plane in your 3d scene and greenscreen it.

It's designed to work on the cheap kind of green screen where you hang a bright green coloured sheet behind the actors, and can handle folds in the fabric.  It works well with any highly saturated background colour (so blue and red sheets work fine but not black or grey).

Install the addon in the usual way.

I would recommend that you activate Blender's built-in addon Import Images As Planes, as it will allow you to import your videos into the 3D scene at the correct proportions:

After installing the add-on, you will find a sub-menu at the bottom of the ctrl-a menu in the material-nodes panel:
  • Green/Bluescreen Setup Shadeless
  • Green/Bluescreen Setup Shaded
  • Red/Purplescreen Setup Shadeless
  • Red/Purplescreen Setup Shaded
  • Green/Blue Cutout
  • Green/Blue Keylight
  • Red/Purple Cutout
  • Red/Purple Keylight
You can pick a setup based on :

whether the screen behind your actors is green/blue or red/purple.  (If your actors are human you are best off using green or bluescreens as human skin tends towards the red end of the spectrum, but if your filming your pet iguana you would do better to setup a small redscreen.)

Whether you want the video plane to be lit by the scene.

You also get to add the four nodegroups that make up these setups.

If you go to the compositing panel, you'll find versions of most of these.  Shaded doesn't really make sense here.

So, what are these nodegroups?

There's the Cutout one and the Keylight one :

  • The "Cutout" one cuts out the actor from their background.
  • The "Keylight" one reduces the amount of light bouncing off the background onto the actor.  In the Shaded version, the area effected by this is lit from behind.

The Screen One:

This has 8 inputs:
  • Image Your video / image
  • Keycolour The colour to remove
And then Hue, Saturation and Value get Tolerance and Falloff.

  • Hue  is the point on a colourwheel
  • Saturaltion is the difference between grey and red
  • Value fades from black to bright colour
  • Tolerance controls how similar the Hue, Saturation or Value of the Keycolour can be to the Image. At 0 they have to be exactly the same, at 1 they can be anything.
  • Falloff controls the grey area between completely opaque and completely transparent.  The lower the value, the smaller the grey area.

The Keylight one:

If your standing In front of a green screen, some light will bounce off the greenscreen and hit you from behind.  If your meant to be stood in front of something that is NOT the same colour as your screen, then this looks really wrong.  This corrects this problem.

This is solely based on Hue, and only has Saturation and Falloff, plus Strength.
  • Strength     is how much you remove the green reflection from greenscreen footage.

This node has a second output which is a greyscale map of what areas are effected by the colour of the greenscreen.  In the Shaded version this is used to mix diffuse with translucent meaning the actor can be realistically backlit in the scene.

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