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The “GeoFX” add-on is a powerful tool that allows filmmakers and 3d Artists systematically add various customizable effects into their scenes. This growing library of effects that UNLEASHES the POWER OF GEOMETRY NODES includes firework systems, vine/ivy systems for nature, customizable cobwebs, ropes, chains, and even insane lightning effects. These systems are ready to be drawn onto your 3d scene to add that extra level of detail and enhance your CG creations! GeoFX's customizable presets and intuitive user interface menu provide the ability to add extra realistic detail to any scene! The GeoFX add-on for Blender 3d is a great tool for adding a nice touch to your 3d scenes and to enhance live action visual effects shots without spending hours looking through tutorials on how to create them from scratch. You can now draw on levels of customizable effects to add detail for your live-action films or 3d scenes within seconds!


Quickly add 7 Geometry node systems and customize to your artistic taste!
GeoFX is an add-on that you install into Blender. Once you install it you can follow three simple steps to quickly add more detail to your scene!

Three Steps:

  • 1.) Select the type of effect you want to utilize in your scene.

    2.) Draw on the effect where you want it to be within your 3d world.

    3.) Customize the effect to get a specific result within the Add-on UI.

    After the Geo Effect element is added you can dial in more specific settings and placement within the Add-on Panel.

    Version 1.0 of the GeoFx add-on contains over 6 customizable geometry node effects to detail your 3d scenes or vfx shots. Categories include firework systems, vine/ivy systems for nature, customizable cobwebs, ropes, chains, and even insane lightning effects. You can add these systems to your scene within seconds. All of the assets are optimized for both Cycles and Eevee rendering engines.


    Draw on hanging Ivy with this system! Select the collection you want your Ivy to grow on top of and draw away. then adjust various settings such as scale, density, hanging amount, and more!


    Chains are a great way to add extra detail to environments. This system allows you to draw where you want your chains to be in your scene. Once added you can then control their hanging amount, adjust their scale, and more!


    Add extra nature detail to your scenes with a vine system containing over 9 different variations to choose from. We have included a proxy view setting to optimize computer memory for this effect.


    Our ropes preset allows you to easily add hanging ropes to geometry in your scene. Once added you can then adjust the scale, rope style, and hanging amount in the UI.


    With this geometry node system you can literally draw where you want lightning to be added to your shot. Then you can customize it by changing the amount of branches, noise, and animation.


    The simplest way to add fireworks to any shot. Add the fireworks preset and adjust your settings accordingly. Parameters include particle radius, max/min height, noise strength(for a more organic look), interval of the blasts, and a custom color option.


    Systematically add cobweb effects to any object. Simply select the collection you want add cobwebs to, draw them on in the 3d preview, and then adjust your settings accordingly to add more or less density to the webbing.

    Established Platform

    The Geo-FX add-on utilizes Blenders incredibly powerful Geometry node systems. Because of this there are countless options for the user to customize the effects and create their own unique version of it using the Add-on.

    Add extra detail to your scenes with the Geo-FX Add-on.

    Any customer feedback about our add-on is highly appreciated and will be used to update our add-on to be more useful in the future. All updates will be free with a prior purchase!


        GeoFX V 1.0 - Original release: 7 Geometry Node effects packed into an intuitive UI. Includes fireworks, lightning, cobwebs, ropes, chains, vines and ivy. - 10/15/2023

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