Generic Pickup Truck

by rfarencibia in Models

This vehicle is fully generic and completely brandless so it can be used in any project without any brand claim issue

Its a game ready mesh with 94k polys, I made it following the latest standards in AAA games vehicles like Forza or Need for Speed,

Notice since it is a midpoly vehicle it can be also used in other kind of projects other than games like film/rendering and it will look fine

The vehicle has openable doors with proper pivot so it can be rotated properly,

I has all objects formed so it can be used and exported to any software without any placement, scale or rotation issues in any object

The model has basic materials assigned to each part in order to be easier for you to configure the shaders of the vehicles, but notice none of those materials are configurated, are just the material with a basic color and the proper name.

The size of this vehicle is 2 meters of heights, 5.5 meter long and 2 meter of width

Dev Fund Contributor
Published about 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.9
License Royalty Free
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