Generic 4 Door V8 Sports Car

by SHcreations in Models

VERSION: 4 Door V8
Name of this car: SHC J-Seven.


(as of 2023) To make this model more accessible for all: All licensed textures have been replaced by copyright-free (cc0) textures.

This is a brandless (generic) sports car that is custom designed by me and inspired by modern automotive industry trends.

The design is a 2/4 door coupe / fastback with a curvy design, sharp lines and minimalist styling. The interior is a future proof design with modern looking bucket seats and touch screens

No royalties or licence or copyright issues with me or real car brands when using this car for your personal or commercial projects.


The car is available in 4 versions (the version of this vehicle is stated on the top of this description):

V8 petrol engine (modeled engine under the hood and exhaust pipes under the car).

2 door version

4 door version

Electric motor (modeled motor and battery packs under the car and a front trunk under the hood).

2 door version

4 door version


All doors, trunk and hood are separate objects and can be animated to open.


The car uses a subdivision surface modifier for most parts. For the renders most parts are set to 3 subdivision levels.

The 3 subdivision levels are also compared in the images on this page (the polycounts are in the bottom right).

1 subdivision level:

Verts: 239,184 - Faces: 224,368 - Tris: 461,156

2 subdivision levels:

Verts: 585,530 - Faces: 567,148 - Tris: 1,146,716

3 subdivision levels:

Verts: 1,180,762 - Faces: 1,156,252 - Tris: 2,324,924


Since the modifiers are not applied, a simple cube projection is used to map out the UVmaps for the textures to avoid stretching with a unwrapped UV.

All image renders on this page are made in Blender Cycles, the youtube video of this car is made in Eevee.

The car and brake caliper paint use a custom made procedural car paint material so its easy to customize it to your liking. This paint is not exported into the other file formats (i have included a simple car paint material in the folder).

All materials use PBR shaders (all textures are packed in a texture folder).

All exported files are exported using the "3 subdivision levels setting" for a high quality model.


file formats (exported with default blender settings):

-Blend (native)









Royalty free licence: Feel free to edit and use this car in any (commercial) project.

The car can be used in projects for example: advertisement, game development, VR, AR, renders, animation, education, simulation

Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.81, 2.82, 2.83
License Royalty Free
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