Fortresses - World War Two Maginot Line

by Mad Lobster Workshop in Models

Recreate the bunkers and defenses of the Maginot Line on the French Border or repurpose these unique fortifications on fictional battlefields.

The assets in this package can be used to depict:

* Locations or battles in the second world war / WW2. The Maginot Line saw some action in the invasion of France and some portions of it were repurposed by Germany during the allied invasion. 

* The contemporary French border. Various fortresses and other elements of the line still exist in the French countryside, in various levels of preservation or lack-thereof. Some of the fortifications were still in use by the French Armed Forces into the 1960s.

* Alternate history or completely fictional fortification systems. The unusual retracting turrets and "bell" emplacements of the Maginot Line have an unusual look and feel, and would not look out of place in steampunk or other historical settings. 

Version 1.0 of this package focuses on above-ground elements of the Maginot Line, especially the line's retracting and rotating heavy turrets and the static infantry bunkers known as cloches or bells.

The following items are included in Version 1.0:

  • 75mm Retracting 1905 Turret
  • 75mm Retracting 1932 Turret - 5 Texture Variations & Several Model Variations including damaged variants.
  • Alpine-Style Dragon's Teeth
  • French-Equivalent Dragon's Teeth (Repurposed Railroad Rails) - Several model & texture variations 
  • French Hedgehog Defense - with texture variations
  • French Infantry Traps - with texture variations
  • French WW2 Adrian Helmet 
  • Buried FT17 / FT-17 Tank Turret - 3 texture variations
  • Buried FT17-TSF Observation & Radio Post -  4 texture variations
  • GFM Cloche Bunker Destroyed Version - 3 texture variations
  • GFM Cloche Bunker Type A - 5 texture variations
  • GFM Cloche Bunker Type AB - 4 texture variations
  • GFM Cloche Bunker Type B - 5 texture variations
  • Italian WW2 M33 Helmet (Rusty)
  • JM Cloche Bunker - 3 texture variations
  • Minor Bunker Ventilation Port
  • STG37 Removable Infantry Turret - 3 texture variations
  • Tiered Infantry Observation Post Type A - 3 texture variations
  • Tiered Infantry Observation Post Type B - 3 texture variations
  • Verdun Fortress Observation Bell - 2 texture variations

Additional Notes:

* Materials are all high quality PBR with standard Unity-style textures. Nodes are all properly linked in blender. Most textures are 2048x2048. Many items use a single material, some larger items use two materials.

* Collection has well-organized Blend files with easy to append collections. 

* Polygon counts are game-ready.

* In Eevee by default by looks great in Cycles too.

Small Update V1.01 - Now Also Includes a Unity Package Version!

Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.91
Render Engine Used Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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