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Forestation addon for Blender is a production tool for designers, CGartist, archviz artists and many others. A large selection of 3D scanned trees is available. Thanks to its integrated plugin it is easy to import and customize each tree: animate the leaves, change the season (winter, summer, autumn, spring), add moss or snow on your trunk, or create as much variation as you want with the trees thanks to the "randomize" function. Forestation is compatible With GEO-SCATTER, it contains 30 ready-to-use forests!

Forestation is ready for Asset Browser!

49 3D scanned trees are available for an incredibly realistic final render with Blender Cycles or Eevee. The HD and LOWPOLY button allows us to optimize our workflow. Add an HD tree for your foreground renderings, or add a low-poly tree to create a forest in the background, this is a great option to optimize your machine resources.

BONUS : All future updates are offered and included in Forestation. In the next versions, you'll discover more high-quality scanned trees, purchasing the product now at the current price is a good investment guaranteed.

Works with new official versions of blender.

Highly realistic 3D model 

Our trees have an incredible level of detail!  Our 3D scanned trunk method allows for unprecedented quality. Place Forestation trees in the foreground of your scenes to ensure a high-quality and photorealistic render, ideal for your projects. Our PBR workflow guarantees a homogeneous and realistic rendering in all lighting conditions.


Featuring Micro displacement

This incredible function of Forestation allow us to obtain a high level of details at the trunk area of trees. All the pieces of bark, the holes of the trunk, or its asperities are in great 3D detail. Unlike a bump map or a normal map, microdisplacement allows to generate real geometry, generating real shadows for an ultra-realistic render.

Asset Browser

Forestation for Asset Browser is here!

Drag and drop into your scene. Fast and easy.

Look the documentation tab page for installation.

What is a 3D scanned tree?

We have researched and found a process to scan a tree in 3D, this is the process of photogrammetry.

First, we have to find our tree in real life! We look for trees with good-looking characteristics, such as holes in the trunk, moss, and broken or cut branches, to have an original beautiful trunk. Then with a digital DSLR we photograph the tree from all angles, with 200 to 300 photos per tree model! For each species we are also capturing the leaves for an accurate final result. Using photogrammetry softwares, we reconstruct a point cloud, from which we generate the mesh of our trunk.  Then we generate the displacement map and the texture of the tree.

Now it is time to focus on the upper branches and leaves. With another set of softwares we procedurally generate the branches with their leaves. It is important that the branches are in the continuity of the scanned tree, we try to match the tree species characteristics as closely as possible: such as the size of the leaves, real life height of the tree, or precise placement of the branches...

Then we finalize the process in blender, and create our shaders and modifiers set up in Cycles and Eevee. 

Animated tree

All trees are animated. Thanks to the animation function of forestation you can animate the leaves to simulate the wind! There are wind-presets available, such as light wind, medium wind and strong wind. It's very simply, choose a preset and press the spacebar to start the animation. The leaves will start to move realistically, ready for your animation!

Easy interface

3D can be complicated! A lot of buttons, and a lot of complication. At Bproduction we want to create tools that are simple and easy to use. Therefore rest assured, Forestation is an addon with a simple and easy-to-use interface, the learning curve is non-existent, as everything is very intuitive to use.

4 seasons 

The leaves shader allows us to manage the season as we want: summer, spring, fall or winter. By changing a slider we can customize our tree very easily! Whatever the season, Forestation trees can be adapted to your scene very easily to match the mood you want to re-create.

Easily customize shaders

Shaders are customizable! adding moss or snow to your tree is easy!

Texture PBR-ready

All materials are PBR ready. The different texture maps are available up to 8k (diffuse, translucent, roughness, normal or bump map, ambient occlusion, opacity) these guarantee a realistic rendering in all light conditions. Thanks to these textures you will be able to adapt the materials whatever your scene. Did we mention that Forestation is 100% compatible with Eevee and Cycles.

Real sized Tree

All trees in Forestation have an exact scale. If the tree is 12 meters high in reality, it will be 12m in Blender, that's a guarantee! This ensures natural and realistic scaling between elements.

Optimized for Blender

Textures, shaders, and models are optimized to consume as little memory as possible and speed up your rendering times.


All the trees of Forestation are available in HD and low poly.

The HD version is ideal for the trees in the foreground, the details. the zooms, the low poly versions are perfect to put in background to create a forest for example. The details are less numerous, the models are lighter and allow to save time during the rendering and during the manipulation in the viewport while optimizing the resources of your computer.

Infinite Variation

Each tree you import is different from the previous one, its size and orientation are randomized.

You will never have the same tree, as visually, the repetition will be avoided on each spawn!  

Season Randomization

The "randomize season" slider in the "leaf" shader allows you to randomly change the season of your tree. That you'll be able to generate a realistic forest with many instances of the same tree and avoid repetition. This is very important to imitate real life, in nature the colors always vary!


Forestation is compatible with GEO-SCATTER ! the .scatpack file provided with Forestation can be installed on GeoScatter. Enjoy 30 forest biomes included! 

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The difference between Vegetation and Forestation?

Forestation is an addon with a selection of high-quality trees. All trunks are 3d-scanned for a photorealistic render! This addon is ideal for close-up renders and foregrounds with trees. The trunks are conceived with micro-displacement in mind, which allows us to have an incredible level of detail. Vegetation is a generic nature addon that includes a variety of nature models such as trees, rocks, bushes, shrubs, vines... The trees in Vegetation addon are less detailed than the ones in the Forestation addon.

We support the Blender Foundation !

We love Blender! We would like to participate in its development. We donate part of the earnings to the Blender Foundation for its growth!

Forestation for Archviz, Designer, CGArtist and more



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