Forest Nodes

by Val Barashkov in Modifier Setups

Tree system created using 100% Blender Geometry Nodes!!!

This means every part is modifiable and can be integrated with other node groups.

The .blend file is designed to be placed into your assets folder. From there you can drag and drop tree objects or tree node groups into your scene or into your geometry nodes setup. It works only with Blender and export is limited by Blender's capabilities. Everything you see in the images is included except for the human model (not mine).

Main Features:

Procedural Wind System

Random Seed

Gravity - trees and branches will bend towards ground based radius and length of the branch.

Sample trees (more to come)

      From these trees you can create many variations and more trees are always on the way (just updated with the Weeping Willow tree).

      Leaf and trunk textures can be downloaded from Texture Ninja everything there is public domain CC0 license.

      There are many improvements to make and features to add. I am releasing this now due to popular demand, as well as to receive feedback on what improvements and features people would like to see. Tutorials are definitely on my list of things to do as well.

      What you will get out of this will depend on your knowledge of geometry nodes!

      Please tag your works with #ForestNodes #ForestNodesBlender

      User Generated Art:


      Version: GN_trees_B3.6_1_4

      Added Weeping Willow Tree

      More Video Demos:

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