Flex Road Generator

by Fazoway in Modifier Setups

Flex Road Generator

Flex Road Generator is a geometry node modifier that transforms meshes and curves into roads.

Create roads from tunnels to bridges, change roads conveniently and quickly.

Separated reorderable components

With this functionality, you can quickly create different types of roads from tunnels to railways. And with the help of separated reorderable components, it is very convenient to change the created road.

The order also changes the order for generating roads or instances.

Choose which side the mesh should appear on the right, left, or both.


Main features:

1) Road from mesh/curve

  • UV ready
  • Control width, extrude, material, UV stretch.

  • Custom curve profile

  •  Width control using nearest curve radius. Limitation : it does not work with a intersected two-sided roads.

Since the mesh does not have a radius parameter, you can set it through the attribute by adding a vertex to the group.

2) Instancing 

  • Animation

Limitation : There is no Collision avoidance

  • Multiline instances

3) Mesh Profile

4) Scattering

5) Bridge support


6) Intersection (mesh only)

  • Beveling

7) Trimming

  • Instances
  • Meshes

The asset includes samples:

  1. Nature (scattering)
  2. City (bridge)
  3. Two tunnels
  4. Car animation - Simple Road
  5. Locomotive animation - Simple railway
  6. City road with bus stops

If you have questions, you can look at the Documentation and FAQ first

If you haven’t found the answer or have other questions, you can write to me and I will answer all your questions.

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