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This is a high-quality fennec model with multiple 4K maps, rigging, animations, and fur. The model is made with Blender and Cycles renderer at a real-world scale.

It consists of the body, 2 anterior chambers, 2 pupils, 2 sclerae, upper gum, lower gum, upper teeth, and lower teeth.


Body: vertices 15,922, polygons 15,852

Anterior chambers: vertices 434; polygons 408

Pupils: vertices 866; polygons 840

Sclerae: vertices 1,492; polygons 1,488

Upper gum: vertices 1,863; polygons 1,816

Lower gum: vertices 1,863; polygons 1,816

Upper teeth: vertices 1,694; polygons 1,524

Lower teeth: vertices 1,694; polygons 1,524

Total: vertices 25,828; polygons 25,268


There is a Blender project and an OBJ file without rigging or animation.


Fennec_Body_BaseColor_1001.png, 4096*4096

Fennec_Body_BaseColor_1002.png, 4096*4096

Fennec_Body_Specular_1001.png, 4096*4096

Fennec_Body_Specular_1002.png, 4096*4096

Fennec_Eye_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096

Fennec_Nose_Normal.png, 4096*4096

Fennec_OralCavity_BaseColor.png, 4096*4096


With full controllers, postures and animations are easier to create, the features are as follows:

CTR_root controls the entire model.

CTR_spine root controls the center of gravity of the body.

CTR_spine_stretch.001 controls the movement of the belly.

CTR_tail_roll controls the rotation of the tail. It comes with customized attributes:

TailFollow controls whether the root of the tail follows;

InheritRoll controls whether the tail rotates following the parent controller.

CTR_neck_stretch_roll is the FK controller of the neck, and its customized attribute NeckFollow controls whether the root of the neck follows.

CTR_neck_stretch.001 is the head controller, its customized attribute HeadFollow controls whether the head follows.

CTR_jaw controls opening the mouth.

CTR_eyes controls the rotation of the eyes.

Each toe has a separate controller.

The customized attributes of the feet controllers switch between IK/FK of the limbs non-seamlessly.


Loopable trotting animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-12

Unlooped running animation at 30 fps, frame range 0-290


The model is in meter units at a real-world scale.

To run faster, the fur is hidden, with Render enabled.

The model can be rendered in the current project without cleaning up.

No lights or cameras.

The rendering time is relatively long because of the large amount of hair.

If used in the background, here are some optimization methods:

Decrease the number of hair children, and increase the thickness of hair

Decrease the steps of the interpolated spine.

Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 2.93, 3.0, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Rigged, Animated, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License Royalty Free
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