Fantasy Wooden Barrels

by ravenwing3d in Models

Stylized PBR Wooden Barrels with 4 stages of LODs


  • LOD0 - 3910 tris
  • LOD1 - 2094 tris
  • LOD2 - 1382 tris
  • LOD3 - 700 tris


  • LOD0 - 2680 tris
  • LOD1 - 1664 tris
  • LOD2 - 1096 tris
  • LOD3 - 526 tris


  • LOD0 - 3400 tris
  • LOD1 - 2036 tris
  • LOD2 - 1444 tris
  • LOD3 - 694 tris

I included a set of textures for Unreal Engine 4, Custom UE4 channel Packed textures (with a custom shader), Unity URP and Unity HDRP,  Custom Unity Channel Packed textures with compatible Shader for Unity HDRP/URP, Standard PBR (OpenGL Normal) and FBX export for each engine separately (Unity and UE4 ) with custom LODs setup ready, custom LightMap.
If you want everything in one go there is also Unity Packages URP and HDRP ready and UE4 Content files ready.
I also Included 3DsMax, Maya and Blender files with the Barrels A, B, C and LODs with material setup ready sharing the same Standard PBR textures with directx shader 3DsMax, PBS Shading Maya, PBR shading Blender with Eevee.

Standard PBR
       - BaseColor
       - Normal (OpenGL) if you want Normal DirectX you can get it from the UE4 Packed (standard) texture folder.
       - Metallic
       - Roughness
       - Ambient Occlusion      


Unity HDRP (High Definition Render Pipeline)

  • Base Color
  • MaskMap
  • Normal

Unity URP (Universal Render Pipeline)

  • Albedo
  • MetallicSmoothness
  • Normal
  • AmbientOcclusion

Unity RavenWing3D (folder)  
(custom channel packed textures with a custom shader done with shadergraph which works with both HDRP and URP render pipelines)
           By Default the (Unity HDRP and URP packages I included) it's all setup with this shader and textures. If you don't want to use them,              there is also standard HDRP and URP materials (included in the packages) all setup and ready to use.           

        - AlbedoGloss                                         (RGB+A) RGB= Albedo A=Gloss
        - AmbientOccNormalMetalNormal      (RGB+A) R=AO, G=Normal (Y), B=Metal, A=Normal (X)


Unreal Engine 4 packed (Standard)

  • BaseColor
  • OcclusionRoughnessMetallic
  • Normal

Unreal Engine 4 Custom Channel Packed (folder) (material shader included)
       It's the same setup I did for Unity, the only difference is that instead of AlbedoGloss and OpenGL Normals it's AlbedoRoughness and           DirectX Normals. By default UE4 files it's all setup with this custom channel packed textures and shader but there is also the                           alternative with standard UE4 Packed textures included (mentioned above).

        - AlbedoRoughness                                         (RGB+A) RGB= Albedo A=Roughness
        - AmbientOccNormalMetalNormal      (RGB+A) R=AO, G=Normal (Y), B=Metal, A=Normal (X)

        All textures are 2048 x 2048 PNG 16 bit. There are plenty of choices to use whatever fits you best!

        Please note that I do not Included the mannequin in the Unity Packages (URP/HDRP) because the model is from Epic (UE4 you can get it from there yourself), I only used it as reference scale.

Published over 4 years ago
Blender Version 2.81
Render Engine Used Eevee
License Royalty Free
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