Faketube Shader + Addon + Library

by denis-liubushkin in Addons

Single face FakeTube shader can be used as flat decal.
Place it to walls, floor or any object and magic will happen.

This shader uses PBR textures, hand-drawn with love.
There is currently a Library of 15 examples that will expand a bit.

Try the free version.

  • No need to change scene geometry.
  • Some visual effects like a fog, heat, distortion, parallax, rotation, light emitting.
  • Allows to animate any shader properties.
  • Work both eevee and cycles.

Important notice!
Shader can't get shadows from outside to inside and uses Fake Shadows that can be adjusted. By default they are set about from top to bottom.

Adjusting Fake Shadows
Fake Shadows stay static

FakeTube Addon vs Blender Asset Browser:
Basically, it's the same thing and you can use whatever you like. However, Addon allow to fast adjust FakeShadow.

Install FakeTubeAddon.zip as usual Blender addon.
Extract .zip and select path to faketube_bundle.blend for Asset Libraries in Blender Preferences. All assets marked for Asset Browser.

FakeTube Shader settings:

More example:

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Published 9 months ago
Blender Version 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
License GPL
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