Ez Compression Folds

by Arcadet in Surfacing

Note: Requires Blender 3.5 or Later (for VDM support)

Unzip the compressed files to a folder on your local drive. 

Note: The "brush_icons" folder must remain in the same directory as the .blend file for the icons to load.   

How to Load Brushes:

How to load / use brushes into your scene (Requires Blender 3.5 or later): 

File>Append>(Navigate to the uncompressed file "Compression_Folds_VDM.blend")

Click Append

Open the "Brush" folder

Select desired brushes

Click Append again

How to use VDM Brushes:

In Sculpt Mode:

Select the Draw Brush from the brush list then go to the Tool N Panel. 

Expand the "Brushes" dropdown module and click the brush icon to select from the list of appended brushes.

Middle mouse scroll to cycle through the brushes or use the arrow keys.

These brushes work best on dense poly surfaces. If facets appear, increase your subdivisions. 

Brush Naming Guide:

Example: CP_SP_Cotton_01

CP = Compression (Fold Category)

SP = Spiral (Fold Type)

ZZ = Zigzag (Fold Pattern)

Cotton = Material (Thickness and Buckling Attributes)

01 = Pattern Variation

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