Mafia In A Hotel Room | Ettore Napoli

by Erick Choy in Models

Experience the drama of a mafia encounter in a Hotel Room

Step into a world of suspense and intrigue with our meticulously crafted 3D scene, “Mafia in a Hotel Room.” Designed by the talented Ettore Napoli, this scene captures the essence of a dramatic encounter, providing a captivating backdrop for your 3D projects.

Here’s what you’ll receive when you decide to bring this extraordinary creation into your creative realm:

1. Comprehensive scene files

  • .Blend scene: Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of the hotel room with the Blender scene file. It’s fully equipped with cameras, composites, and lights, ensuring a complete and ready-to-use environment.
  • Textures folder: Access a collection of textures to enhance the realism and detail of your scene.

2. Stunning EXR renders Experience the drama through 6 original EXR renders that beautifully showcase different angles and lighting conditions of this intense hotel room setting.

3. Additional resources for post-production

  • 6 Low-quality images: These images serve as a starting point for your creative process.
  • 6 PSD post-production files: Dive into the artistic side of 3D design with fully editable PSD files. They include 6 post-production setups to help you achieve the desired mood and atmosphere.
  • Camera raw configuration: Utilize Camera Raw configurations to fine-tune your scene’s visuals and achieve the perfect look.

4. Specialized shaders and 3D assets

  • Glass shader: Achieve realistic glass effects with a specialized shader.
  • 3D sofa, cushions, flowers, bullets: Populate your scene with meticulously designed 3D assets that add depth and character.
  • 3D furniture: Crafted furniture pieces that enhance the authenticity of the hotel room.
  • 3D carpet with particle system: Create dynamic and realistic carpeting with a built-in particle system.
  • 3D plant: Infuse life and greenery into your scene with a 3D plant.
  • 3D lamp: Illuminate your space with a beautifully crafted 3D lamp.
  • 3D pictures: Add artistic touches with framed 3D pictures on the walls.

5. Filmic Blender compatibility The scene is optimized with the Troy filmic setting for Blender, ensuring a cinematic visual experience. You can find this setting at

Step Into The World Of Drama And Intrigue With This Extraordinary 3D Scene.

Standard use license.

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Published about 3 years ago
Blender Version 2.92
License GPL
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