Enhance Nodepack

by Diego Gangl in Models

Enhance is a pack of nodes designed to help you get a professional look. Quick and easy.

The pack includes complete styles, the basic filters to build them and more.  Analyse, create masks, colorize and tweak your renders with familiar tools like Vibrance or the High Pass Filter.

Current version is 2.0.
Lots of changes in this version, including 37 new nodes (yes, 37). Read the changelog to see the full list.




Color your images like they do in the big pictures. Combine with filters to get a professional look.

Enhance comes with three flexible, easy to use vintage coloring nodes. Light leaks and Light changes are also included to complete that imperfect analog feel.


Filters & Adjustments

Quickly improve your render's contrast with light/shadow gain. Make colors stand out with the vibrance nodes, or bring up more focus with High Pass Sharpening.  Analyse and selectively tweak your image with Separate by Luminance and Highlight out of Range.



Easily create gradients or TV Noise. Use the EBU bars node to calibrate monitors for video editing.



Get that old analog look with vignette, film grain, glitch or CRT scanlines. or use the filters you already know from other editors: drop shadow, light
sweep & High Pass Filter.  Complete styles ready to use. Easily imitate content from old screens using Old TV and Very Old TV.



Now you can get that corrupted-data look without having to scratch your hard drive! Easily build your own customized glitch effect with the toolkit nodes, or
use one of the presets. The included Pixel Mask node gives you a black & white mask that you can use to apply any kind of distortion or operation in a "glitchy" way.


Lens Flares

Make your scenes really stand out with a dramatic burst of rays, or give it that cozy feeling that comes froma warm glow. Building your own flares on
Blender has never been easier. Lens flares are separated in 7 toolkit nodes that can be combine to create countless kinds of effects. It also includes 5 presets that you can use right away, rip apart to customize or use as examples.


Check the documentation for the complete list with pictures

Future plans

I'm going to continue updating this pack and extend it with more nodes, specially more cinematic and complex styles. Stay tuned for updates!

Sales 90+
Dev Fund Contributor
Published over 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.8, 2.81
Render Engine Used Arnold, Blender Internal, Blender Game Engine, Cycles, Eevee, Freestyle, Luxrender, Mental Ray, Octane, Vray, Yafaray
License Royalty Free
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