Easy House Generator

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Easy House Generator - Blender Add-on

Create Interiors in minutes

Easy House Generator in 2 minutes

How it works and how to install the add-on.

Easy House Generator is a handy Blender add-on that allows you to create interiors in a few clicks.
You can add walls, doors, windows, stairs and other elements, move them around with precision snap controls,
change materials and even create your own elements and add them to the library.

Easy house generator comes with 16 pre-built elements.

Each element has its own set of pre-built materials.


Simply browse through the library, select an item and click generate to add it to your scene.

Precision Snap Controls

Move it around with the snap-buttons, rotate, duplicate and snap it to an active object. 

Material Switch

To change material, open the shader panel and simply connect the pre-built node.

Add your own objects

Import any object into the database and use it with the add-on.

With Easy House Generator you can import any object into the database, create the thumbnails
and build using your own assets with the add-on.

Elements and Materials

A closer look


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