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Version 1.4 is released with several enhancements! (Always FREE upgrade for the existing users). Please Note: Bend Geometry works on Blender 3.4 and above.

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Traditionally, Simple Deform Modifier has been in use to bend an object in Blender. But we often find that bending with a Simple Deform Modifier is very cumbersome, it's not straight-forward. Moreover, since the time geometry nodes have come, we need a procedural way to bend objects. This inspired us to create something different, and we came up with this Easy Bend node that is literally super-easy to use. And it has got all the required functionalities!

Easy Bend interface is very simple. It is created with some powerful Geometry Nodes. Just attach this node to the object that you want to bend. Then enter the bend angle and you are done! No need to use any empty object like in Simple Deform Modifier, no need to worry about the orientation of the object etc. It is indeed much simpler than Simple Deform.

You can bend any geometry with this procedural node - it can be a mesh, a curve, a point cloud, a text field, anything! You can use it standalone to just bend an object, or you can also use it within your own node tree as a bending tool.

Now you can restrict the bend with a Start position and an End position with values from 0.00 to 1.00 like below.

You can even chain this node multiple times to create a complex bending effect on multiple axes together.

Easy Bend is smart too. Just in case the bend looks wrong, you can enable the checkbox called Axis Correction and the node will auto-correct the bend direction! Super cool.

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Watch our video tutorial to know more about the tool before you purchase. See how it works, what you can do with this node, and then take your decision. Sure you will love it! For any assistance on how to use this node, or for any bug reporting, please feel free to send a mail to 5minblender@gmail.com or connect to us via our YouTube channel. Thank you!

Watch our video tutorial and product demo here!

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