Easy Atoms - Geometry Nodes Bohr Model Generator

by Samuels Procedural Tools in Models

Easy Atoms is a Geometry Nodes-based procedural generator for atoms according to the Bohr model (no guarantee that this is a 100% correct representation of the model). Nucleus and electron count are generated by entering the atomic number and neutron count. The electrons can be distributed in shells according to the 2*n^2 formula. Various other settings are available to change sizes, create elliptic orbitals or animate electron movements. An explanation of the parameters can be found in the documentation section.

The generator comes as a single blend file for your asset library. Add atoms to your scene by dragging and dropping them from the asset library panel. All available parameters can be changed from the modifiers panel. Protons, neutrons, electrons and orbitals each use pre-applied materials, which can be tweaked or replaced if needed.

Disclaimer: don't try to use these in a hadron collider.

Important: This generator was created with Blender v3.3 and will not work with older versions. The reason for this is the use of the Points node, which was introduced with v3.3.

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