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Duplicator is an add-on that makes duplicating objects easy using various methods.

Currently, it offers six methods for duplicating and two additional features.

Below is a quick demonstration of each operator.

For further help and details, please refer to the documentation page.

Duplicate Array

Duplicate selected objects using the Array method.

Support align to surface, by pressing S during operation

Duplicate Circular

Duplicate selected objects in a circular pattern around a source object.

Duplicate Randomize

Duplicate selected objects in a randomly direction,scale and rotation, this feature also support align to surface.

Duplicate along Curve

Duplicate selected objects along a curve, similar to the Duplicate Array method, but following the curve.

Duplicate to Mesh

Duplicate selected objects to the geometry faces or vertices.

Duplicate to Cursor

Duplicate selected objects and directly place to 3D Cursor

If all duplicated objects are mesh type it can be placed on top of the cursor.

*For the rotation cursor please refer to the documentation page how to setting

Extra Features

Separate Array

Separating arrayed object (from Array modifier) into individual ones.


Random Transform with additional features

Please refer to the documentation page for the details for each operator.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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