"Dump Run" The Ultimate Short Film Course

by CBaileyFilm in Training

The Ultimate Short Film Course

Learn everything you need to make an amazing short film with blender!  This course contains 38 Project files and 8 hours of tutorial videos covering how to: 

  • Write your film,
  • Storyboard in blender with grease pencil
  • Hard surface model
  • Create materials using procedural techniques
  • Rig the robot characters
  • Create the locations and props from the film
  • Learn the principles of animation
  • Learn how to approach lighting and rendering your scenes with Eevee
  • Learn to animate cameras and edit your short film in real-time

By buying this product you get ad free tutorial videos with bonus material not included on YouTube that you can download and watch offline anytime you want.  You'll also get access to all the project files used in the film, including the versioned scene files so you can examine how the animation progresses step by step.   Each of these episodes are available to watch for FREE with ads on the CBaileyFilm YouTube Channel but this is the only place where you can get the project files!   

You can watch all the uncut livestreams and screen recordings of Chris putting the film together here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL22fMiaWNXwnx3qYANnp-q4eYJFvYylKC

Who is Chris Bailey?

Chris Bailey is an award winning 3D filmmaker and blender youtuber at www.youtube.com/CBaileyFilm and regular contributor to CGCookie's YouTube channel. He has over 15 years of experience in computer animation and is currently working as a lead blender artist for previsualisation on animated feature films.  

Downloadable, Add-Free Tutorial Videos:

Downloadable Project Files


  1. StoryBoards.blend


  1. Conveyer_Belt_v00.blend
  2. Trash_Heap_v00.blend
  3. Edges_To_Wires.blend
  4. Wire_Bundle.blend


  1. Robotic_Arm_Rig_v00.blend
  2. Droid.blend


  1. Dump_Location.blend
  2. Hallway_Location.blend


  1. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb.blend
  2. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-01.blend
  3. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-02.blend
  4. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-03.blend
  5. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-04.blend
  6. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-05.blend
  7. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-06.blend
  8. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-07.blend
  9. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-08.blend
  10. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-09.blend
  11. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-10.blend
  12. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-11.blend
  13. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-12.blend
  14. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-L-01.blend
  15. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-L-01-test.blend
  16. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-L-02.blend
  17. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-L-03.blend
  18. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-L-04.blend
  19. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-R-01.blend
  20. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-R-02.blend
  21. SC01_Hallway_v1-cb-R-03.blend
  22. SC02_Dump_v1-cb.blend
  23. SC02_Dump_v1-01-cb.blend
  24. SC02_Dump_v1-02-cb.blend
  25. SC02_Dump_v1-03-cb.blend
  26. SC02_Dump_v1-04-cb.blend
  27. SC02_Dump_v1-05-cb.blend
  28. SC02_Dump_v1-06-cb.blend
  29. SC02_Dump_v1-07-cb.blend
  30. SC02_Dump_v1-08-cb.blend
  31. SC02_Dump_v1-09-cb.blend

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