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+++ Weekly Updates +++

Every Friday, the Asset Library gets a fresh update!
With over 70 assets in the works, the collection continues to grow.
Your early support for the Library is highly appreciated and greatly assists me!
*The price increases to €49.99 after reaching 70 models

Duality: The essential 3D Scans-Asset Library for every CG Professional

I've combined my passion for 3D and Photography and poured my expertise into Duality.

What is Duality?

Duality is more than just a high-quality asset library; it's a curated suite of about 70+ photo-scanned real world assets, aimed at elevating the authenticity and realism of your projects.
All assets have been retopologized and optimized to be used with Blender and any other 3d software.

Duality helps you:

  • Make your visuals pop with lifelike details
  • Give your scenes that extra touch
  • Bring true-to-life assets into y our architectural scenes

A Glimpse into my Craft

Every piece in Duality stems from countless hours of dedicated work. Leveraging state-of-the-art photogrammetry techniques, I’ve transformed food items into true-to-life 3D assets.
Each model perfectly mirrors its real-world counterpart, not only in appearance but in scale and texture.

Why you need CG food

3D visuals need to feel real. Food is a big part of our daily lives and when we see it in a scene, it makes that scene feel familiar and true.
3D scanned food gives super-accurate details, making everything look more lifelike.
By adding this real-looking food into your projects, your scenes instantly become more relatable and engaging for everyone.


Ever wondered how me and others achieve such stunning realism in 3D Assets? The secret lies in photoscanning. Unlike traditional methods which begin with 3D modeling, my journey starts by capturing countless photographs of the desired item. Once captured, I immerse these images in advanced photogrammetry software.

This transformative tool works its wonder, morphing the image set into a 3D masterpiece. The outcome? Precision-detailed objects adorned with authentic textures, ensuring a combination of physical accuracy and unparalleled realism.

Dive into this collection and experience this cutting-edge innovation firsthand.

That's why I made Duality

With Duality, you gain access to an impressive assortment of 70+ 3D scanned assets, carefully photoscanned.
It stands as one of Blender Market's premium asset libraries and the portfolio is set to expand. 
Delve into the realm of high-quality assets without the daunting investment of time or funds on DIY projects. 

Every piece in this collection is crafted with precision, refined and optimized for the best use in Blender.

Physically accurate

Each model I offer maintains true physical authenticity.
This is because the photoscanning process yields a perfect mirror image of the actual item.
Experience unparalleled realism in 3D food. Say goodbye to simulated textures and approximations; what you get is a genuine reflection of the actual subject.
Furthermore, every model aligns with real-world dimensions upon import, ensuring a seamless fit into your hyper-realistic visualizations.

Optimized for Blender

A common challenge with photoscanned models is their overly dense mesh structure, leading to lagging viewports and longer render times.
Understanding this, I meticulously retopologized each model, reducing from millions of polygons down to a manageable 1K-250K polys. This ensures swift, fluid scenes without compromising on detail.
Moreover, all the models I've crafted boast high-resolution 8K texture sets. This ensures that even in close-up renders, the assets maintain stunning clarity, despite their low-poly design.

*Polycount of 3K used in this scene

Easy to use

If you're used to use Blender's integrated Asset Browser, I've designed a compatible version of Duality for you.
After configuring the library, simply drag and drop the desired assets directly into your scene.
Check out the Documentation

*Duality Asset Browser

Total Value

At first glance, the price of a single 3D scanned asset might raise some eyebrows. However, let's delve deeper into the value you're receiving.

Each of the handcrafted 3D assets captures the essence of the real-world object it represents. The attention to detailtexture precision and authentic replication are unparalleled.

To give you a clearer picture: should you decide to replicate this entire asset library yourself, you would be investing around 250 hours of dedicated, specialized work.
That's more than six weeks of full-time effort! And this doesn't account for the steep learning curve, software costs and potential trial and error involved.

In essence, purchasing my 3D scanned assets isn't just a product acquisition.
It's a significant time-saving investment, freeing you up to focus on the creative application of these assets rather than the time-consuming process of creation.

A small price of $20 for lasting peace of mind in the digital food landscape.

The Essence of Duality

Don’t let your projects be “just another render”.
Make them relatable, make them real. With Duality, you’re not just buying assets; you’re investing in realism, efficiency and quality.

Dive into Duality and let’s craft memorable visuals together.

I support the Blender Foundation!

I love Blender and it's an honor to help it's development. I donate a good percentage of each sale to the Blender Foundation for its growth!

Feel free to follow my work or check out more Duality products.
Happy Blending!

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