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Introducing Documen: The Ultimate Documentation System for Blender 2.8


Documen allows you to export information about your .blend file to an understandable, mobile-responsive HTML file. This helps you to quickly and easily review your files wherever you are. DocumenĀ 

Documen's export options are:

  • Quick info about the file
  • An example rendered frame of the file
  • A frame-board that lists each keyframe or marker in the file and info about it
  • Detailed render settings in the file
  • Differences between that file and another's render settings
  • Information about the global output path and any file output nodes
  • Information about any images that are used in the file
  • A list of any files that are linked to in the file
  • A watermark with your own custom message


After working on bigger productions, I realized that our team needed a faster and easier way to review our files before they were sent to the render farm. Tools such as the settings difference checker would help to reduce the number of problems and by extension, the cost of each shot. as I worked, I got feedback by artists about the tools that were needed and Documen was born.


Working with Documen can be summarized in three short steps:

  1. Make your art
  2. Choose the info
  3. Export a file

Documen's easy to use panel in the 3D View Sidebar helps you to quickly export the information that you want to know.

Do you have a lot of files or run Blender on a server? Documen works with all situations by including features to help almost any kind of workflow. Multi-file export means that you can quickly have an overview of an entire production, a command line script generator helps for those who need to use the command line, and a settings checker helps you make sure that all your files are as they should be.

We all want to keep our work safe, Documen helps you with that by allowing you to add a custom (non-distracting) watermark to each of your outputted files.

Sales 30+
Published over 7 years ago
Blender Version 2.8
License GPL
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