Digital Elements One

by gr8effect in Models

Easy to use!

A pack including nineteen (19) digital elements in a single .blend file. This is ideal for building infographics and futuristic data interfaces. It's very easy to use; every single element is put into a group. You can add the parts to your scene just by inserting group instances; it'll take a few minutes to build your own scenes. Every element has an opening animation starting from an empty (or almost empty) render and building up to reveal the part.

Easy to customise, fast to render!

Elements are highly customisable too, making use of the object modifiers, you can easily modify the animation/behavior of every part. The text used is also not applied to mesh; you can select it and type in whatever you want. The materials can also be quickly changed by altering the diffuse colors, they're simple shadless materials. Parts make use of the F-curve modifiers that allow them to keep going on forever. You can render as many frames as you want to. The pack renders using Blender Internal, it's pretty light (polygon wise) and renders super fast too! Youtube Tutorial:

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Published almost 10 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License Royalty Free
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