Course: Blender Addon Development Simplified

by Olav3D Tutorials in Addons

181 minutes of pure Blender Python tutorials. Now anyone can learn how to make their own addons in Blender! Made for all levels of Blender users.

Demo tutorials to see whether you like the way I teach Blender Python:

Course structure: Once you have completed the introduction to Python in Blender, the order of the videos do not matter. You do not need to know how to import text documents to visualize music after all.

Learning addon development for Blender can be extremely hard time-consuming to figure out on your own, I have myself spent years learning programming, both in university and by reading loads of Blender Python documentation. In this course I will cover the most important subjects for addon development for Blender. The course is result-oriented and you will have developed many addons once you have finished the course.

The course is made for both Mac and Windows users. 

All videos in this course are available in a beautiful 4K resolution as well as in 1080p for those who prefer that.

All videos include a commented script that explains the code.

The course covers the following subjects:

- Python basics for Blender.

- Developing complex music visualization addons from start to finish.

- Visualizing sheets of data with animated bars using Python in Blender.

- Import cvs and text documents into the Blender viewport.

- Adding custom icons to the addons you develop.

- Including HDRIs in the addon file.

- Export your script output to external .csv and .txt documents.

- Import files into Blender with custom buttons.

- Dropdown menus.

- Input fields for addons.

- Making multiple Python scripts work together.

- Crating addons with physics.

- Generating custom objects with code.

- And much more!

All code will be written in Blender and no external software is required.

When you have watched the introduction-video you can go ahead and watch any of the videos in the course. There is no right or wrong order to the videos. I do recommend however to start with the shorter videos to start soft.

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