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by Dark Nebula in Addons

 ❕ The price is reduced to $ 28 (instead of $40), only until 04/30/2023 ❕

🔥 Hot features:

  • New Atmosphere Shader [up to 568 times faster]
  • Clouds now have atmospheric shadows
  • New surface shader [increases texture detail]
  • New procedural planet [many landscape details added]
  • New space environment generator [stars and nebulae in the background can now be created in a couple of clicks]

What is COSMO?

Cosmo is a collection of blend files to speed up and simplify the process of creating space scenes.

It includes:

The main file 'C O S M O' includes a customized space scene with a planet, atmosphere, physically correct sun and clouds. There are also two additional files, 'PROCEDURAL PLANET' and 'SPACE ENVIRONMENT GENERATOR'. The procedural planet is based on noise textures, allowing for customization and infinite resolution. The environment generator is also based on procedural textures, this allows you to create entire universes for your renders.


  • About the Atmosphere Shader:

    • Volumetric clouds:
      Clouds cast shadows into the atmosphere and also correctly absorb light based on the anisotropic scalar formula. This allows you to take wonderful orbital shots.
    • Physical correctness and photorealism:
      To calculate the scattering of rays in the atmosphere, as well as the correct calculation of colors, real physical formulas are used. This allows you to get impressive results that are almost indistinguishable from real photos from space.
    • Fast rendering:
      The COSMO atmosphere shader uses advanced volume processing techniques based on mathematical and vector nodes, which reduces rendering time by up to 568 times compared to a standard volume shader. Also, the shader gives almost no noise, which is achieved by some optimization of ray tracing.

      • About the Surface Shader:

        • Micro displacement:
          Instead of the standard offset, micro-displacement technology is used, which significantly saves your computer resources.
        • Procedural emission map:
          Cities are generated procedurally based on information about continents, which frees you from the painful search for a radiation map.
        • Physically correct oceans:
          The shader uses advanced algorithms for recreating oceans and other bodies of water, which will allow you to change their color, depth, roughness, etc. (and you will be able to flood continents).
        • Increasing the quality of the original texture:
          With the help of procedural noise textures and vector mathematics, the shader increases the amount of texture details, which gives excellent results even with low-resolution textures.
        • Extract all necessary information from the color map:
          Yes, the COSMO surface shader really extracts all the necessary data to recreate the planet only from the color map.

          • About the Procedural Planet:

            • Detailed landscapes:
              In addition to oceans and continents, the procedural planet generates rivers, seas, coasts, mountain ranges, underwater reefs, etc.
            • Advanced texturing:
              The color map of the planet is based on advanced procedural textures, which allows you to recreate azure water in shallow waters and coastal zones, dunes on some coasts, forest populations, rocky mountains, canyons and some more details of the landscape.
            • Unlimited customization options:
              The planet can be changed as you want, so if you dreamed of your own planet, then it's time to get one.
          • About the Space Environment Generator:

            • Based on real photos:
              The space environment generator was created based on real NASA photos, so it will be a great background solution for your renderers.
            • Beautiful results:
              The environment generator includes several types of stars and nebulae, which will allow you to build your own cosmic sky.

          Why C O S M O?

          • Price

          Physical Celestial Objects Large Scale Procedural Planet True-Space
          Atmosphere Shader
          Surface Shader
          Procedural Planet
          Space Environment Generator
          Price 28$
          • Intuitive UI & Ease of use

            COSMO has an intuitive interface so that even beginner users can figure it out. But at the same time COSMO gives a large number of settings for a more accurate result and unlimited experiments.

          • Universal application

            COSMO has applications in many areas, for example, if you are a freelancer or work in a studio and you need to create a space scene in a short time, then COSMO will be an excellent solution. Or if you are developing games, you can also export the textures of the generated planets. In general, COSMO can be used in many tasks, and will greatly speed up the process.

            Still not sure?

            💡 If you have any questions, write to us at the blender market, we will answer you as soon as we can.



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