Complete Beginners Guide To Blender

by Harry Helps in Training

Hi, my name is Harry! I’m a professional 3d artist with over a decade of experience. I’ve worked most recently as the Studio Director of an award winning architectural visualization studio.

In this class, we’ll learn everything we need to know to get up and running in Blender!

We’ll be going through the entire process of learning Blender from a complete beginner’s perspective to avoid as much confusion as possible. Every topic covered builds upon previous lessons to form a solid foundation as we progress through the class.

This class is meant for complete beginners to Blender and 3d art in general. Absolutely no experience is needed to follow along in this class, though it certainly won't hurt!

I designed this entire class to follow a premade starter file. You’ll have access to every single model that I’m using in class, so you’ll never need to worry about missing out on an important feature or tool!

I’ve also included a handy cheat sheet filled with important keyboard shortcuts, that you can reference during the class and in the future!

Please note, Blender 3.6 or newer is required to use this starter file!

This class is meant to teach you the basics of Blender, and as such won’t focus heavily on version specific features. That means, even if you purchase this class and the current version is Blender 4.0, 4.5 or even higher, you can still gain a solid foundation!

Throughout this class, we'll get a basic understanding of almost every important aspect of 3d artwork during your time with me.

You'll learn topics like:

  • Downloading and Installing Blender
  • Interface Navigation
  • Editing Objects
  • Organizing Your File
  • Common Modeling Tools
  • Materials
  • Modifiers
  • Lighting
  • Animation Basics
  • Camera Placement and Settings
  • Saving Your Final Image
  • And much more!

You'll create:

After we've set up a solid foundation, I'll lead you through our class project, where you'll assemble and customize your very own cozy campsite utilizing a premade project file!

You'll receive:

  • 27 Lessons (with over 4 hours of focused instruction)
    • 1- Introduction
    • 2 - Downloading and Installing Blender
    • 3 - Opening Blender for the First Time (and Saving)
    • 4 - Viewport Navigation and Orthographic Views
    • 5 - Transforming Objects
    • 6 - Adding New Objects
    • 7 - Selecting Objects
    • 8 - Organizing Your File (Outliner)
    • 9 - Editing Objects (and X-ray Mode)
    • 10 - Shading Modes
    • 11 - Common Modeling Tools
    • 12 - Applying Transformations
    • 13 - Adjusting the Object Origin Point
    • 14 - Joining, Parenting and Separating Objects
    • 15 - Workspaces
    • 16 - Interface Customization
    • 17 - Modifier Basics
    • 18 - Animation Basics
    • 19 - Viewport Rendering Modes
    • 20 - Material Basics
    • 21 - Lighting Basics (and World Properties)
    • 22 - Camera Basics
    • 23 - Render Engines
    • 24 - Render and Output Settings
    • 25 - Creating a Final Render
    • 26 - Class Project Explanation
    • 27 - Conclusion

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Published almost 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.6
License Royalty Free
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