Color Master Pro

by Creative Factory in Surfacing

New features

Expand the harmony palette by using the neighboring colors.
Beside using the neighboring colors you can also seed them.

Color Master Pro features

  • RYB Color Harmonies: Complementary, Analogous, Split Complementary, Triadic, Tetradic.
  • Adaptable color spectrum on different Filmic Contrasts.
  • Outputs of each color individually or output all the colors randomized across multiple objects.
  • Shift the color wheel individually or all at once
  • Seed the colors between many objects at once.
  • Invert the palette of the colors.
  • Color ratio (where you want dominant colors).
  • Randomize the Black and White or Contrast (to create even more variety).
  • Expand the harmony palette using the neighboring colors + seed
  • Basic scene setups with a node based procedural environment, ready to use right away.
  • Fully supported on Eevee and Cycles engines.

Easy to set up on many objects at once

Select all the objects you wish to apply the material and then select the object containing Color Master material, and with the Ctrl + L keys choose Materials, then Color Master will be applied to all objects.

Another way is to make a group from Color Master material (ctrl+G), and apply the same group in different materials/objects. So in this way you can have the same Color Master group applied to different materials with different shaders and settings.

About Color Harmonies

Artists and designers make use of color harmonies in order to achieve pleasant aesthetics.
You can learn more about color harmonies in this amazing tutorial.

Why is useful to have Harmonies in Blender

There are online coloring tools such as, but it's hard to predict how colors will look on a complex scene with many objects. And the order of colors is also important and their proportion.
In this case, the best solution is to experiment with the colors and find what is fit better for your scene while respecting the harmony of the colors at the same time.