Classical Architecture Asset Pack

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Classical Architecture Asset Pack is an asset pack comprising of 47 different models including columns, domes, arches and pilasters, enabling you to quickly add from the asset browser complex architectural elements to your scene with ease, complemented with a nice procedural stone texture that works well in Cycles and Eevee. Face count information is available in the documentation page.


Treat it like any other asset pack.

  1. Download the "Classical Architecture Asset Pack v2.blend" file and drag it into your asset library path (editable in Preferences > File Paths)
  2. Open your asset browser (make sure that "User Library" is selected)

It's as simple as that, all models are logically named and begin with "CA". It is also highly recommended that you use Blender's snap-to-edge and alignment functionalities.

If you have any issues whatsoever or need help please don't hesitate to contact me.

All models below are rendered in Cycles and included as example files in the product downloads section.

Creating beautiful building facades is as easy as one two three.

  1. Create a base block for the rough building shape with cut outs for any window shapes
  2. Drag elements from the asset pack onto the base block
  3. Use Blender's array modifiers and alignment tools to create symmetry and detail

With domes, a wide array of columns and pilasters, balustrades and entablature, you can easily add some geometry to a garden scene or some detail to your building.

Highly detailed capstones do mean that you have to take into consideration polycount if you want to add a large array of them to your scene (the full model list and poly counts are in the Documentation section), but they sure are good to look at.

All models are loosely (and sometimes very closely) based on real examples of classical and neo-classical architecture, giving each model an authentic look, the large dome below for example is based on the Pantheon in Rome.

Below are group renders of all of the models. Please refer to the Documentation section for a more comprehensive list of all the models.

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