Circus 3D Model

by CGHawk in Models

Circus 3D Model

A full environment model of a circus built onto a stage, this can easilly be converted into a tent.

Details include stage design for performance, lighting rigs and high beam lights, scaffolding for support of various parts of the stage ie. curtain and pyro rigs.

Concept is entirely unique, although the elephants are not included as they are not mine.

Stage includes rope barriers and is designed with a surrounding crowd pit towards the entrance with lighting ready to be customised for night and day.

Full lighting grid at the top of the model, 2 projection screens, pyro cannons and curtains. Materials are as shown.

The Blender file is ready to go in realtime in Eevee or for rendering in Cycles as seen in screenshots.

Polycount is: 541983

Includes Blender file, .fbx and .obj formats.

Scene can be easilly optimised for games on certain elements.

Contact me on: if you have any issues.

Made in XSI by Jonathan Shoesmith.