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Update 08.03.2023:

As I scanned the original set of figurines in 2017, I tried to get the best middle ground between quality, calculation time and post-processing. The result was a very successful set of models that was sold in six continents, several hundred times.

But at the end of 2022 I got a very critical rating that brought me to review the state of my models. In the last years, my workflow and capturing setup greatly changed, and I noticed that the models are not on par with the now available printing technologies. Also, my own skill set changed a lot, so I decided a careful remaster of the nativity set.

You can read more about the process of adding new details to the old set here:

The 12 model set contains the classic figurines of a nativity set:

  • Baby Jesus in crib
  • Joseph standing
  • Maria kneeling
  • Balthazar
  • Melchior
  • Casper
  • shepherd 01
  • shepherd 02
  • shepherd 03
  • sheep
  • ox
  • donkey

The original height of the models ranges between 18 and 12 cm.

I printed these in FDM in original scale as well as in 2 cm height in SLA successfully. The remastered set has also corrected flat bases for easier printing.

Some models may need some support. Because of the wide variety of printers, profiles and materials, I only included unsupported files in standard 3D formats.

The original Files will stay in as they are available online.

If you are interested in historical 3D models, scanning and printing, visit my website

original description

This complete Set of Christmas nativity crib figurines was 3D scanned and optimized for 3D Printing as well as high-quality renderings.

It contains 12 Models including Marie, Jesus, Joseph, Balthazar, Melchior, Casper, an Ox and Donkey and a set of shepherds.

The original objects were in my family for generations and a big part of every Christmas decoration. Now you can print a set yourself in the scale you like.

All objects are scaled between 18 and 6 cm. The model unit is mm.

There are only post-processed High Poly models in this bundle as well as color textures.

For more information about 3D Scanning visit

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