Character Generator - Access 2 Billion Combinations Of 3D Characters

by ThreeDee in Models

Character Generator v3 - the most extensive 3D library in the world ๐ŸŽ‰

๐ŸŒŸ Diverse and user-friendly 3D library

๐ŸŽจ Ideal for artists, designers, game designers, and developers

โฐ Three years spent perfecting the comprehensive character set

๐Ÿ” No need to search for additional resources

๐Ÿš€ Elevate your creativity with our all-inclusive solution

2,000,000,000+ Combinations of 3D characters, and I am not kidding.

Once you buy the library, you can use it multiple times for your designs, branding, UI, marketing materials, games, AR/VR, ...

What is inside? ๐Ÿ“ฆ
โœ… Male & Female
โœ… Fully FK/IK rigged (body & face rig included)
โœ… Render 19,000+ PNG files (write me an e-mail if you need them)
โœ… Optimized for light & dark UI
โœ… Blender generator
โœ… Brand new lighting
โœ… 67 poses in the new pose asset library
โœ… Hair Styles (24 for male + 2 beards, 12 for female)
โœ… Shirts (8 for male, 10 for female)
โœ… Pants (7 for male, 8 for female)
โœ… Shoes (8 for male, 9 for female)
โœ… Outfits (19 for male, 19 for female)
โœ… Accessories (7 for male, 9 for female)
โœ… 13 Types of Eyes
โœ… 8 Predefined Facial Expressions (you can define your own)
โœ… LipSync for easier animation of 3D characters
โœ… New tutorials (and specificย tutorialย only for Characterz 3)

Preview of Blender file - IK/FK rig included

Blender Generator included

Tutorial included (beginner friendly)

13 Types of Eyes (For Female & Male)

Lip Sync includedย (For Female & Male)

8 Facial expressions out of the box - you can create your own (for Female and Male)


24 Male Hair Typesย 

3 Types of Facial Hairย 

8 Types of Upper Clothesย (Male)

6 Types of pants (Male)

8 Types of Shoes

19 Various Outfits (Male)

7 Accessories (Male)


12 types of Female hair

10 types of upper clothes (Female)

7 types of pants (Female)

9 types of shoes (Female)

20 types of outfits (Female)

9 types of Accessories (Female)

Contributeย โค๏ธ

If you find a bug or request a feature, please get in touch with me at

Created by ThreeDee


Thank you for watching โค๏ธ

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