Rock Pack

by CGHawk in Models

Rock Pack

Introducing Rock Pack, a comprehensive collection of rock-themed 3D models and textures that will elevate your game development and architectural projects to new heights. This pack includes 12 unique assets, ranging from boulders and cliff faces to pebbles, walls, and even a scanned rock.

With Rock Pack, you'll have access to a variety of textures and models, including smooth rock textures, wet rock textures, and even a woodland terrain texture. Whether you're creating a realistic outdoor scene or crafting an immersive game world, this collection has everything you need to bring your vision to life.

The pack also features a rock landscaping tool and a rock plant, providing even more versatility and customization options for your projects. And with the inclusion of PBR textures, you can be sure that your final product will have the highest level of realism and detail.

Whether you're an experienced game developer or just starting out in the world of architecture, Rock Pack is an essential tool for creating stunning, lifelike rock scenes. Don't settle for generic, low-quality assets – upgrade your projects with Rock Pack today.

Rock pack includes: 


Pebbled Path

Rock Face

Rock Landscaping Tool

Rock PBR Texture

Rock Plant

Rock Section

Smooth Rock Texture

Stone Wall

Wet Dirt PBR Texture

Wet Rock Texture

Woodland Terrain Texture

All models and textures are available to buy seperately.

Rock Pack by CGHawk