Radiator 3D Model

by CGHawk in Models

Radiator 3D Model

Introducing the Radiator 3D Model - an exquisite addition to any advertising or architectural project. This model is a stunning portrayal of a retro storage heater system, featuring a painted exterior and a console equipped with switch, light, and thermostat/timer dials.

With its PBR textures, this 3D model delivers unmatched visual realism, bringing your project to life. The textures applied include diffuse, normal, metallic, roughness, and specular, along with several other maps included in the texture pack.

The Radiator 3D Model is perfect for adding a touch of vintage charm to your advertising or architectural design, and its poly count of 3327 ensures that it is both visually stunning and efficient in performance.

This download includes a wide variety of file formats, including Blender, Cinema 4D, allembic, collada, datasmith, .fbx, and .obj, making it easy to integrate into your project. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to take your project to the next level with the Radiator 3D Model.

Poly Count: 3327

Radiator 3D Model by CGHawk