Best Of Cc0 Textures Vol. #01 - Modern Bricks

by StruffelProductions in Surfacing

What does "Best of CC0 Textures" mean?

In early 2018 I started the website which offers free PBR materials under the Creative Commons CC0 license. Since then there has been a new release every single day. The site now offers more than 650 materials that anyone can download and use. This series on BlenderMarket is designed to celebrate the growing library by putting special attention to the best materials in a certain category and as a way for fans to support the project without having to commit to a monthly payment on Patreon.

Does that mean that I get get the same stuff for free on the site?

Yes and no. "Yes", because the materials are all available on, but "No" because this pack contains some special bonuses that you can get nowhere else. Here is a small overview:

Website Download Blender Market Pack
JPG files in resolutions of up to 8K ✔️
PNG files in resolutions of up to 8K
Blender-optimized normal maps
Ready-made Blender materials
Support CC0 Textures 💙

As you can see in the chart you will receive 2K, 4K and 8K variants as both JPG and PNG. Every version comes with its own ready-made Blender material that you can append into any scene: 

Choose a product version:

Dev Fund Contributor
Published almost 5 years ago
Blender Version 2.79, 2.8
License Creative Commons
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