Carpaint Collection

by Bproduction in Surfacing

Ultra-Realistic Automotive Shaders for Blender

Explore our library of 180 shaders 100% procedural for Blender, optimized for the automotive industry. Fully compatible with Cycles and Eevee, these shaders offer unprecedented control for photorealistic renders. You'll find a variety of car paints and other automotive materials, each reflecting light and detailing texture in an incredibly realistic manner. Transform your 3D projects into masterpieces with our shader collection.


Say goodbye to time-consuming searches and complex import processes. With our shader library, materials are meticulously organized into categories, making it a breeze to find the perfect match for your project. Thanks to Blender's Asset Browser, importing materials is as simple as a quick click and drag action. Seamlessly integrated into the Blender interface, this user-friendly feature streamlines your workflow, ensuring a hassle-free experience when working with our shaders.

Procedural Metallic Flakes - The Essence of Automotive Brilliance

Illuminate your 3D renders with our meticulously designed procedural metallic flakes. bringing your designs to life with a vibrant, glittering radiance. Experience the lustrous glow of automotive finishes as our metallic flakes add that perfect touch of ultra-realistic shimmer to your projects.

Many different materials

Diverse range of high-quality automotive materials. This collection includes brilliant and durable carpaintscarbon fiber, leather, plastics, metals.... Our "Carpaint Collection" is the perfect choice for transforming your vehicle into a unique work of art.

Vibrant Spectrum of Colors and Finishes 

Our collection is a treasure trove of colors and finishes, catering to every conceivable design need. Whether you're seeking a subdued matte look, the intricate weave of carbon fiber wraps, or a deeply flecked, near-holographic finish, Iridescent, matte,  we have you covered. Dive into our extensive palette and let your 3D renders come alive with unparalleled richness and variety.

Ready for Cycles and Eevee

All shaders are Eevee and Cycles compatible. Switch from one rendering engine to another and get incredible results!

Tailored Camouflage Wraps - Versatile, Procedural, and Unique

Delve into the unique world of our camouflage wraps, designed exclusively for Blender. Our collection offers three distinct camouflage patterns, each one being 100% procedural. This offers you ultimate customization power, allowing you to modify colors and scale to your exact requirements. Unleash your creativity with these versatile wraps and provide your 3D objects a look that's distinctive and striking.

Beyond Automobiles - Unleash Your Creativity

Our shaders aren't limited to cars. Envision them adding a touch of realism to aircraft and bicycles, infusing musical instruments such as pianos and violins with a vibrant sheen, or even bringing a unique charm to household items like furniture and appliances. With the flexibility to modify the flake scale, you can tailor our shaders to meet the needs of any project, broadening the limits of your artistic imagination.

Huge Collection

180 materials - Catalog





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Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 4.0
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