Cairo Tile Pattern Mesh & Pavement Tile Grid Generator (Incl. Curve Grids), Gn, Blender 3.4+

by AarchAranya in Modifier Setups

This blend file contains 7 nos Generator Geometry Nodes Setups. Five of them are mesh generators & Two are curve generators.

The Five Mesh Generators include:

  1. AAGN_CairoTileBaseMesh - generates 2D base mesh in the pattern of Cairo TilesThe following Four setups convert the 2D base mesh generated by the above node into four different types of Tiles (3D Meshes)
  2. AAGN_PavementTileSetup01
  3. AAGN_PavementTileSetup02
  4. AAGN_PavementTileSetup03
  5. AAGN_PavementTileSetup04

The working of the above Five nodes can be viewed in the YT video here:

The Two Curve Generators include:

  1. AAGN_CairoTilePatternCurve
  2. AAGN_CurveGrids101Both the above generators ouput curve grids in various patterns similar to the Cairo Tiling pattern.

The working of the above Two nodes can be viewed in the YT video here:

Additionally, one Basic Concrete Paver material (colored) is included in the file.

This blend file was created in ver 3.6. But the setup should works from ver 3.4 onwards.

The NodeGroups are asset-browser ready.

Hope you find the Nodes useful. Please feel free to connect for queries, explanations & feedback.

Happy Nodling & Happy Blending.