Cairo Pattern Jali (Screens)

by AarchAranya in Models

This blend file contains 5 Jali Screens mesh models based on Cairo Tiling pattern. The 5 screens are in sizes 1m x 1m, 1m x 1.5m, 1m x 2m, 2m x 3m & 1m x 4m (Sizes are nearly approx.)

Each of the Screen has seperate UVs & Material applied for the frame & the jali elements. The UVs were procedurally generated.

A sample White Marble material is applied to all the screens.

No z-fighting of planes in the mesh. Apply subdivs if required.

The screens were generated from Geometry Nodes in Blender 3.6 alpha.

The Geo Nodes are not included.

The base Cairo Pavement Tile floor shown in the image is not part of this file. The same is available here:

Happy Blending.