Business Pack - People Set

by Difffuse Studio in Models

Business Pack

A versatile collection of over 70 models, rigged and animated to bring life to your 3D scenes

Business Pack -3D Models offers a comprehensive solution for 3D artists and creators looking to enhance their scenes with diverse, professionally dressed characters. With optimized performance, diverse ethnic representation, and compatibility with the Procedural Crowds add-on, this pack is an indispensable tool for bringing your 3D office and workplace environments to life in Blender.

Whether you're working on architectural visualizations, corporate presentations, or any other project, these characters will add depth and authenticity to your work

Ethnic Diversity

Our pack offers a wide range of characters from different ethnic backgrounds, ensuring inclusivity and the ability to represent a diverse workforce in your 3D scenes.

High Poly and Low Poly Options

Tailored to your specific needs, we provide both high-poly and low-poly versions of the characters. This flexibility allows you to strike the perfect balance between detail and performance.

Procedural Crowds Compatibility

One of the standout features of our product is its compatibility with the "Procedural Crowds" add-on. This means that you can easily incorporate our characters into crowd simulations and populate your scenes with ease.

Asset Browser

The integration with Blender's Asset Browser is seamless, ensuring that your 3D character library is always at your fingertips. This feature simplifies and streamlines your workflow, saving you valuable time.

Business and Office Environments

Designed with a focus on business and office settings, these 3D characters are ideal for filling your 3D scenes with professional, well-dressed individuals, perfectly suited for office and workplace scenarios.

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Published 8 months ago
Blender Version 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
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