Urbaniac! Building Generator V0.25 Early Access

by MassunPatricio in Models

Professional Solutions for Urban Scenes

Meet the Library

Multiple Styles: Endless Variety of Forms

Introducing our procedural building library, "Ur! Building Generator." We have developed an innovative way to create buildings that adapt to any shape you need in real-time, and it's incredibly simple and intuitive. With this tool, you can easily move, rotate, scale, extrude, or even add new geometry to modify the appearance of the buildings. Furthermore, the final version will offer up to 20 different architectural styles for you to mix and match in your scene.

Customize Materials: Achieve Greater Variety

Our library features materials that can be easily adapted and modified, allowing you to change their color, scale, aging, and more. This flexibility enables the scene to effortlessly adapt to your specific needs. In addition, our procedural materials offer a level of photorealistic realism and seamlessly adapt to any modifications you make to the meshes and our PBR material versions provide unparalleled performance, ensuring a high level of visual quality in your creations.

Asset Browser: New feature!

The new version of our add-on seamlessly integrates with Blender's official asset browser, enabling a more efficient and intuitive workflow. This new method of adding objects to your scene greatly streamlines the process of creating your cities. Additionally, if you still prefer to use the integrated asset manager in the add-on, it is still available!

HD & Mid-Poly Versions: Balancing Detail and Performance

The new release of Building Generator introduces two versions for each building model. The HD version features high-quality details and procedural materials, ideal for close and medium-range shots in Cycles. Additionally, we offer a reduced-polygon version with PBR materials, specifically optimized for animations or creating vast cityscapes in EEVEE.

Outstanding Details: 3D interiors

Our buildings boast an abundance of intricate details, with a particular highlight on their meticulously crafted mid-poly pre-baked 3D interiors. Thanks to the pre-baking process, these interiors achieve a remarkable level of realism while keeping resource consumption to a minimum. To further enhance the visual appeal, our buildings are complemented by a shader for curtains, adding an additional layer of variety and charm to the facades.

Meet the Add-on

Lights Control:

You will be able to control the lights of your entire scene from the Launcher panel. With this, all your Urbaniac! libraries, including all the buildings from the Building Generator, will instantly and in real-time change the intensity and quantity of the lights turned on. Switching between a daytime and nighttime scene has never been easier. The values can be animated to create spectacular animations.

VFX Control:

From the same scene configuration panel, you will be able to add special effects like snow, wet surfaces, and animated raindrops on all the surfaces of the "Urbaniac!" libraries, all changing simultaneously and in real-time, both in Cycles and EEVEE. The best part? You can easily add these special effects to your materials!

What do you get?

We are on EA: 35% OFF

The add-on is currently in EA (Early Access) version, and we are offering it at a 35% discount (final value of the add-on: $60). Buying now you will get the PRO version in the future:

20 procedural buildings (EA: 9):

Each one with its own varied architectural style. Created with our procedural system that allows you to easily and quickly adapt their shape and size. Each one comes in both HD and Mid-poly versions.

5 bases for your buildings (EA: 1):

Using the same technology as the buildings, they will allow you to level uneven terrain and generate terracing to enrich your urban design.

20 detail assets (EA: 2):

Elements with architectural styles that can be matched to those of the buildings. You can add an extra detail to your compositions, differentiating them from the rest.

20 basic shapes (EA: 9):

General building shapes to which you can easily add the architectural style of your choice. It's as simple as selecting the geometry node of another building in your scene to automatically convert it.

Full integration with Ur! Launcher:

All "Urbaniac!" libraries integrate and complement each other. You can change lights, effects, and more from a single place. Scene control has never been easier and more dynamic. The add-on comes with its own integrated asset manager.

Blender Asset Browser:

100% integrated and functioning. Just remember to select the import method in "append" mode. Including the buildings in your scene has never been easier.

Early Access Lite Pro
Nº Buildings 9 10 20 or more!
Nº Extra Details 2 5 20 or more!
Nº Bases 1 2 5 or more!
Ur! Launcher
Future Updates Becomes Pro Bugfixes More Assets

DISCLAIMER: The add-on is currently in the development phase (Early Access). The listed price already includes a 35% discount. We do not have an estimated time for the delivery of the PRO version, and we reserve the right to make modifications to the features presented on this page. Your purchase and positive feedback are greatly appreciated as they help us continue developing our products. Please read the installation manual (click the "manual" button at the top of the page) for detailed instructions.

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Published over 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6
Render Engine Used Cycles, Eevee
Misc Data Uvs-Unwrapped, Animated, Normal-Mapped, Textured
License GPL
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