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B.slicer, the ultimate slicing addon for Blender. Whether you're a designer, engineer, or hobbyist, B.slicer makes it easy to create detailed slices for your parametric design that can be used in a variety of projects. With B.slicer, you can slice any object in Blender and export it as an SVG file .

Using Bslicer is easy. Simply select the object you want to slice, adjust the spacing and thickness of your slices, as well as the axis and type of slice you want to create, and click slice. it will slice your object based on your chosen parameters.

It also includes a flatten option that lets you flatten your sliced object, that can be exported as an SVG file with just one click, no need to set any camera or other settings, select what you want to export as svg file, chose the output path and click export! .

Bslicer manage your objects in Blender's outliner. Original objects are hidden in a collection called "Original Objects," while the sliced objects are in a collection called "Sliced Objects," and the flattened objects are in a collection called "Flattened Objects." This makes it easy to find and manage your objects, even as your projects become more complex.

there may be bugs in the exporting process. But don't worry – if you encounter any issues, simply repeat the exporting process and the problem will usually resolve itself.

When you export your sliced object as an SVG file, be sure to give the file a unique name to avoid overwriting existing files.


  • Please be aware that this add-on may encounter challenges when working with non-manifold and large models. It is recommended to ensure your models are free from gaps or intersecting geometry for optimal results.
  •          Please be aware that the export option provided by this addon may not always work consistently. It is considered experimental and, as such, its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. This export feature utilizes the default export option of Blender, specifically when dealing with scenarios involving numerous slices with irregular shapes. While it can be a useful tool, we recommend exercising caution and conducting thorough testing when using it in situations where precision is critical.

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