Brabus G 800

by 3D Uka Studio in Models

Here you can find the amazing Brabus G 800

If you are looking for quality this asset is photorealistic 

High-quality texture, set up for cycles, ready to use in your scene 

3d model is crafted with meticulous attention to Detail

The file consists of:

• blend file format

• renders

• textures

Order now and start creating 3D scenes with breathtaking detail, and realistic assets 

We are collaborating with Ilja198 to bring new amazing models in Blender format  

I hope this will help you to make beautiful works

 Category of the models 

 Sofa                     Chair                       Table+Chairs               Tv Wall                   

 Plants                   Bed                         Kitchen                       Carpet                           

 Table                    Interior Scene         Decoration                  Lights                             

 Doors                   Bar - Drinks            Others                        Office - Furniture 

 Bathroom             Collection              Cars-Transport

Procedural Car Paint Material