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  • Brent Lovatt
    over 3 years ago

    BPainter is a great addon. I've used it a lot in 2.79 and just recently switched to 2.83 (LTS). I was initially having an problem with the color picker, so I messaged ndee/Andreas and he responded with the solution pretty fast. For anyone else who may have the same issue: press n -> BPainter -> Setup BPainter Material. The color picker should work after that.

    In my opinion, this addon is worth every penny.

    • Andreas Esau

      over 3 years ago

      Thanks Brent. Glad we could figure out the problem. Will make sure it is more bullet proof in the future.

  • Michael Roberts
    over 3 years ago

    Great addon and Andreas's customer support is top notch.

    • Andreas Esau

      over 3 years ago

      Hi Michael,
      thank for your great rating!

  • jakub
    over 3 years ago

    Great addon for hand-painting texturing and for me replacement tool for 3D-coat (which is unfortunately very unstable on a Mac). Thanks!

  • shivafool
    over 3 years ago

    This is a great plugin since anything to make texturing in Blender more user friendly is welcome. I have used it successfully a couple of times, and I think Andreas has done a great job. However, my most recent attempt to use it gives me a "Missing textures detected" error. This leads me to my reason for subtracting one star is that leaving this review is the only way I could find for asking help with this problem.

  • michaelsheeler
    over 3 years ago

    I love hand-painting my models. I have used Blender's default paint tools in the past but mostly I would bring them into 3DCoat or Substance painter and then bring the UV images into photoshop or Corel painter and add effects there. I always hoped that there would be an addon like BPainter that would allow me to remain within the software and do most of this painting.

    I bought this two days ago after watching a youtube video about which addons to get and BPainter was on that very short list of "must have" addons. So I watched one of Andreas youtube videos and even though I could not follow it completely it showed the potential of this addon.

    Due to my own negligence, I had trouble right from the start and could not get it to work at all. I decided to write the author but did not expect to get an answer. But I got one right away. He was very concerned that he figure out why I was having such problems....and all day yesterday we corresponded. I mean this guy wrote to me maybe five or six emails asking for more information. I finally sent him my .blend file, which he asked me to do and he saw immediately what my problem was. It was embarrassingly simple. I simply did not set up my file properly. He instructed me where the problem was and also said he would work on another video so that it was more obvious to viewers how to use the addon.

    Since getting his help I have had a ball using this addon. I hope I can learn more about using pbr's and applying them in conjunction with my hand painting as this addon seems to be a one-stop workshop for all my texturing needs.

    What I want to get across here is that this author is really willing to work with you if you have a problem. That is rare in this day and age. Most of the time you might get a response or two but then you seem to be left hanging. Andreas wrote me so much he ap[ologized if it seemed like he was spamming!

    Bottom line is you will not be disappointed with this software and the support is out of this world! Highly recommended!

  • FM
    almost 4 years ago

    LOVE this addon! Especially as a person with a strong fondness for hand painted textures the brush options and the layer system has been an incredible help. I only wish more people used this addon because I love watching others' processes and way of working, even if it's with the same addon and program. That sort of thing interests me. And Andreas is very responsive to technical issues that might arise - big thumbs up for that.

    I highly recommend this addon and will be keeping this in my personal toolbox for a long time.

  • Masami Ota
    almost 4 years ago

    Various problems occur when you want to treat paint as a general-purpose texture.
    There is no mention of this in the documentation.
    I got the impression that the problem was hidden.
    I felt very disappointed.

    • Andreas Esau

      almost 4 years ago

      Hi Masami Ota,
      sorry I do not quite understand the problem. You could drop me a message and we can try to figure out the issue.

  • Baka-Akari
    almost 4 years ago

    Very useful, but it would be nice if you could add toggle UV channel drawing

    • Andreas Esau

      almost 4 years ago

      Hi Baka-Akari,
      glad you like the addon. Not sure I understand you correctly, do you mean something like this? If not, feel free to drop me a support message.

  • WANG
    almost 4 years ago

    Use the "S key" to suck the color and let it go and it will not revert to a brush
    You have to press the brush icon again
    After adjusting the pen button to the middle mouse button
    Sometimes it won’t work and you can’t move the screen
    Overall i was disappointed
    The version I use is 2.82.7
    bpainter is 2.0.0~2.0.4 have tried
    The same problem I mentioned above will occur

    • Andreas Esau

      almost 4 years ago

      Hi Wang,
      still waiting for your support message response. Hopefully we can figure out the problem. Would be glad if can solve this issue, so other potential users may benefit from the fix.

  • CocOnUtRKR
    almost 4 years ago

    An EXCEPTIONAL must have for Blender!
    That coupled with the responsiveness from Andreas, makes this one of the most solid software purchases I've ever invested in!

    • Andreas Esau

      almost 4 years ago

      Thanks, glad you like the addon.

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