Bbox 2.3 Updated - Geometry Nodes Bevel & Booleans

by Mr Steve 3D in Addons

This was a basic bool tool but now it's upgraded with a stable but somewhat experimental geometry nodes workflow.

  • Now included a bevel machine
  • Now included geometry nodes boolean presets with custom controls
  • CTRL+ALT+E still pulls up the bool box 1.0

This addon offers all mesh primitives as instant and active booleans with custom settings forĀ  faster workflows

  • Append the boolean to the 3D cursor or bounding box
  • Live cutter option to see it through a mesh
  • Create backup mesh objects automatically in case you destroy your project (Non-destructive option)
  • The menu remains for a second adjustment before applying the boolean, or just keep the boolean operation live.

SHIFT+ALT+E Activates the dropdown menu for ease of use and then the menu shows up again once more for further modifications.

NEW Geometry nodes workflow with beveling

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Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.6
License GPL
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