Create Living Room From Single Image + Robot, 4H30 Min Tutorial

by Šime Bugarija in Training

Hello everyone, in this 4 hours and 30 minutes long tutorial we will make a movie scene using mostly only one photo. I will teach you how you can achieve a realistic result in the fastest way.

After creating the scene with the living room, we will create and animate the robot and insert it into the scene.

Since the scene also uses the Apple Macintosh computer that we created in my last tutorial, all buyers of this tutorial will receive an "Old Apple Macintosh tutorial for free" as a gift.

Part of the post-processing is done in After Effects (the last half hour of the tutorial). If you're not using After Effects, that part isn't necessary.

Language: English + subtitles
Duration: 4 hours 30 minutes + Apple Macintosh tutorial 2 hours 40 minutes
Video resolution of the tutorial: 2k
final .blend file included + all resources

In the tutorial we talk about: Modeling, texturing, lighting, UV-editing, animation, camera setup, post-processing and more

PART 1 - 1:21:20

Parquet creation (UV editing and texturing)
Table and tablecloth creation (cloth simulation)
Door modeling and texturing
Camera setup and lighting

PART 2 - 1:28:39

Cabinet modeling
UV editing
Modeling a metal lamp
Import assets in the scene
Light blinking effects

PART 3 - 1:05:02

Creating robots
Adding greebles
Robot texturing
Animating a robot

PART 4 - 39:28

Camera setup
Creating a bokeh effect in the background
Post-processing in After Effects

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