Blender Smart Materials_Glass

by saleh afkhami in Surfacing

14 Glass Smart materials for Blender. This material pack allows you to apply complex materials with one click.

It works with the Cycles engine. if you use Eevee you'll lose some of details and effects.

_it's not an add-on and you won't need any add-ons.

Why we call these “smart materials”?

smart material is a stack of materials with different procedural effects like ambient occlusion, edge detection, curvature, etc.


Glass materials are very fast and you don't need to bake them.


it's faster than default caustics effect on blender and cycle engine. It adds almost no extra calculations to your render. it works with default setting so you don't need to change render setting or anything to have caustics effect. it's a casual and flexible effect so it's not super realistc but you can create some cool effects and get nice results. also, you can make it close to reality by adjusting the parameters.


  • Casual Caustics_5x faster than real caustics.
  • Made base on 4k/8k images
  • Fully customizable
  • Pre-Setup for the Asset Browser
  • Blender 3.4 and higher (don't try on lower versions)
  • Guide pages

If have any questions feel free to ask, and please don't miss the rating and review :)

Sales 40+
Published about 1 year ago
Blender Version 3.4
License Creative Commons
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