Blender Exploder Tool

by Studio Speets in Modifier Setups

How do I use it?
  1. Append the Blend file
  2. Import ALL the Collections
  3. Import a 3D model from your own model collection into Blender (make sure it’s made of multiple meshes)
  4. Put the 3D models in one of the 6 layers of the tool (or spread multiple meshes between Layers for more control)
  5. Start sliding or animating the sliders!

Is it not working? Try selecting all the meshes and go to the Viewport, press Object > Set Origin > Origin To Geometry and try again. Or take a look at the video on this page for more information.

What type of 3D models does this work on?

Blender Exploder Tool works best with 3D models that are made up of multiple meshes. Say you have a 3D model of a car that you want to explode, ideally the doors, steering wheel, bumpers, windows and wheels (etc.) are their own separate mesh.

If you have only one mesh, a single Suzanne monkey for example, features like positioning, scaling and rotating individual faces (polygons / quad / triangles ) still work - just make sure you checkbox the option "explode faces".

Point clouds are not (fully) supported yet, so your scans need to be converted to a mesh / multiple meshes first.

When I press "split faces" or any other option labeled as "CPU heavy" my materials / UV's start tiling

When you press "split faces" or any other option that is labeled "CPU Heavy' in Blender Exploder Tool, it often "realizes instances" in Geometry Nodes, which means it transforms instances to actual geometry. This also means that any scaling or rotation on the meshes is applied. If your meshes were rotated and scaled a bit in the scene, realizing the instances means that tiling might occur.

To solve the tiling issue, make sure that you apply the scale and rotation before using functions as "split faces" or most options labeled "CPU heavy"

So select your meshes and press Ctrl + A and apply transforms (or at least, apply rotation and scale) before you split faces or use other CPU heavy options.

You can also position, scale and rotation objects / collections with Blender Exploder Tool itself, so there's not always the need to do this to your object of choice - do it in the Blender Exploder Tool settings instead.

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