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Free viewer

4 well-made human hair presets for free! Only Blender 3.1 or above is supported.

Download 3D Hair Brush Free Viewer and get free hairstyles! Load with one click, it’s so easy to use.

This add-on is just a viewer of 3D Hair Brush, if you want more hairstyles and more features, please purchase the full version to unlock all features.

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3D Hair Brush is a powerful hair grooming tool that fully supports the new hair system, allowing users to easily achieve stunning hairstyles and animal fur effects. The addon offers a variety of hair brushes, children modifiers, preset libraries, CyclesHair Render, and efficient hair grooming tools. With its user-friendly interface and diverse functionalities, even beginners can easily use this tool. Using this addon can enhance the efficiency of hair grooming and styling adjustments in Blender, while achieving a professional level of quality. 3D Hair Brush is undoubtedly the productivity tool for 3D artists.


1. 3D Brushes

Get rid of traditional 2D brushes and bring users brand-new 3D brushes that perfectly support the new hair system. Multiple new hair brushes are provided for both the old and new hair systems, making hair grooming more efficient.

New hair system brush tutorial

Old hair particle system brush tutorial

User Manual

2. Modifiers

This feature provides users with the ability to modify the shape of hair children using modifiers such as Length, Noise and Clump. The modifier is managed in a hierarchical mode that is non-destructive and reversible, allowing users to modify all parameters according to the desired effect and making hair styling more flexible and controllable.


User Manual 

3. Preset Library

The preset library provides users with 32 high-quality hairstyle presets for both male and female characters, each with complete materials and particle systems. Various features are also provided to help users quickly switch between different hairstyles for their characters. Users can also create their own preset libraries using the preset panel.


User Manual

4. Hair to Hair Cards

This feature enables users to quickly convert particle hair to hair cards. Based on Eevee and Cycles renderers, hair texture can be adjusted in real time, and the shape of hair in the texture can be modified directly via hair modifiers. This intuitive and fast conversion method opens up new possibilities for creating hair in Blender.


User Manual

5. CyclesHair Render

Cycles Hair Renderer is a rendering engine developed based on the Cycles renderer. It is fully compatible with the Cycles renderer and provides users with functions such as Use Radius Curve, Use Diameter Random, change hair thickness by weight, and real-time display of color groups.

6. Hair Tools

The hair tools that come with the addon can quickly convert curves to hair and modify the overall hair length. It also provides an option to export abc files, allowing you to perfectly export hair effects created with modifiers.

User Manual 


Click Edit -> Preferences -> Add-ons -> Install, select the Zip file, and hit Install Add-on.


  1. Disable this add-on.

  2. Save Preference settings, which is done automatically by default. 

  3. Restart Blender, and then remove this add-on. 

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