Blender 3 Isometric Moonlit Telescope Room Design - Blender Project & Download Pack

by 3D Tudor in Models

Blender 3 Isometric Moonlit Telescope room Design - Download Pack

Please note: This is not the course and just contains the Blender Project which is packed and contains all of the textures. This also includes the rendering and compositor setup.

Welcome to our tutorial on our Blender 3 Isometric room design. This speed model shows you the entire process from start to finish. this includes all of the modelling and especially how we created the fantastic render you see as the end result.

This pack includes:

The complete Blender file which is packed with all of the atlas textures used in this build. All the lighting is set up and ready to hit that render button. What's more the compositor will do some work in the background to take a nice render and turn it into a beautiful isometric scene.


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