Baga Ivy Generator

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How it works ?

Add a new ivy :

  1. First install the addon such as any blender addon and setup the assets browser.

  2. Select the ivy mode : Fast / Accurate / Precision

  3. Then you must select an asset. It can be from the viewport or directly in your 3d view.
    The generator will automatically import and setup everything.

  4. Select the object(s) on which your ivy will grow.

  5. Set a "Start Point" with the 3d cursor. This is the point at which the ivy will start to grow.

Good to know : 

  • This addon is for Blender 3.4+. Future versions of blender will of course be supported.
  • Of course all futures updates are included.
  • Ivy is generated using geometry nodes. This means that you can modify it as much as you want once it is created.
  • Flowers are treated differently from leaves, depending in part on the distribution of the leaves.
  • Also note that if your asset has "flower" in its name, it will automatically be placed in the flower collection. You can of course move it afterwards.
  • Ivy consists of two parts : The "Trunk" which is the main body of the ivy, it runs from the nearest "Start Point" to the furthest point.
  • "Branches" spreads from the trunk.
  • To use our presets, you simply select them in the asset browser and select a surface (called Target).
  • Each preset has custom parameters to adapt the generation to each species.
  • You can easily manage the content of all ivy collections via the addon panel.
  • Please use the addon panel, manual editing of collections is not recommended.
  • Tooltips and links to demo videos are present in the addon. They are indicated by the info icon : ⓘ
  • You can create as many Start Points as you need, and move them around.
  • You can't animate the growth of the ivy, only the movement of the leaves.
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