Armored Bulldozer

by Peter Sandbacka in Models

Armored Bulldozer

This thing is a high detailed model of a vehicle you don't see every day. Being interested in fascinating vehicles like this kind, I tried to push it as far as I could with the modeling and texturing. Based on the real thing used by the IDF (Israel Defence Force) using their heavier armor on the front blade cylinders. I had to add a winch to it, because no bulldozer is complete without one of those. With this guy in your scene you can be sure your render will grab some attention. 

The original Gimp xcf files are included with the model. This will make it so much easier for you to make your own edits to the textures. All elements are kept on a separate layer, so you can change, for example, the yellow base color or the scratches or the dirt without affecting anything else. The materials are set up for LuxRender but since almost all objects use textures you can easily change the materials to fit your render engine. Please see the documentation on how the materials are set up.


  • Detailed model of a very interesting vehicle.
  • Static mesh. Contains no bones, animation or shape keys.
  • Triangle count 2 million with subsurf level 1
  • Contains 152 objects in total, 86 of them are track pieces.
  • Most of the parts have subsurf modifier level 1. Track links and the small wheels do not use modifiers to be able to use instancing.
  • UV unwrapped and textured.
  • Includes the GIMP .xcf files with all layers to allow easy editing of the textures.
  • Vehicle contains several objects. Texture resolution varies from 4096px down to 512px depending on how big the object is.
  • Most objects use diffuse, roughness, bump and mix texture maps.
  • Textures exported from GIMP with 95% jpg quality.
  • Interior is simple untextured geometry.
  • Modeled to scale. Size 8.3m x 4.5m x 4.3m (27' x 15' x 14')


Published over 9 years ago
Blender Version 2.7x
License Royalty Free
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