Armacurve - Quick Rigging Curve Object And More

by Orcavia in Addons

Armacurve is a Blender add-on for easy and instant rigging for curve object.

Currently it's has 3 main features;

  • Convert Curve to Bones

  • Quick Bezier Curve rigging

  • Auto add Empty object on each Curve point and hook

*your purchase will include free future updates 

Usage and Features:

Convert Bezier Curve to Bones in one click.

Additionally it can also generate physics on converted bones based Blender cloth simulation.

C. to Mesh and Rig is a feature that convert the Curve object to Mesh and generates bones for it.

it's also support selected only via Curve edit mode

*The selected points should be only on single spline and connected to work properly

There is also has offset for pinned Head and Tail to fix stretching, additionally you may fix the weight on the mesh

It also has features that generate physics with the Affect Collision option.

*Please use physic features only on simple curve, on complex curve or too much bone usage may cause serious glitch.

You may move or transform the model by selecting the parent object which is generated by add-on.

*Please make sure to set frame to 0 before moving to get proper preview

Another feature is called "Add Object Helper" which is used for assigning an empty object on each bezier point.

In N panel > Toos > Armacurve there is tweaker panel which is can be used for readjust the Armature by selecting Bones object
*The objects after generated should be not renamed to work properly


  • Currently doesn't support batch operation on multiple objects at once.

  • Only supported in a single non-cyclic spline Bezier Curve, multiple splines on a single object should be separated first.

  • The physics feature is intended for simple curve only, complex curve or too much bone usage may cause serious glitch, this is one of blender physics limitations

If you had questions feel free to contact me.

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